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TNSPA.PRO is an exclusive artist development course. Our training is elite both physically and mentally, we help young performers find their place in the industry, and most of all their drive to lead them into the professional world. TNSPA.PRO is integrated with The Jason Winters Experience making this course versatile in its design, innovative in its style and taught by industry leaders. Since our launch in 2018 we have seen a number of students go on to create very successful careers for themselves not only in Australia but overseas as well. TNSPA.PRO is a journey and a true process of self discovery, its an experience​​


Our exclusive pre professional fulltime training course delivers the highest level of performing arts training. Guided by world-class teachers, experts and mentors in all area’s of the entertainment industry. Training with a holistic approach, we pride ourselves on creating a very supportive, creative and productive working environment for students to reach their highest level of potential. 


Our newly designed course empowers our students with all the knowledge, skills, self belief and resources needed to succeed in the entertainment industry. If you are willing to put in the hard work both physically & mentally, while under our guidance and training TNSPA.PROFESSIONAL is for you. Students will succeed in reaching their personal goals while working towards their vision and plan for the future. 

TNSPA PROFESSIONAL focuses on all facets of the performing arts including the following: 

Dance: Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Commercial Jazz & Lyrical

Theatre: Singing, Acting & Musical Theatre 

Mind, Body & Spirt: Conditioning, Pilates, Yoga, Nutrition, Life Coaching and more 

Entertainment Business Studies

Technical Training: Audio & Visual 



CUA51520 Diploma in Professional Dance

(Elite Performance)


CUA60120 Advanced Diploma

in Professional Dance

RTO CODE: 45449 

RTO NAME: The Next Step Performing Arts




  • To register to audition and for a prospectus:

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